[tao-users] TAO Callback Timeout

Winkler Martin M.Winkler at hainzl.at
Mon Apr 27 07:12:57 CDT 2015


i have problems to set a timeout on a callback object.

My application consists of a clients, which registers a callback on a server. The clients and the server are using AMH and AMI. On the Client I resolve an object from the server over a name service, and set a timeout policy on that object. That works fine.

What is not clear to me is, how to set the timeout on the callback object which gets registered on the server. How do I set the timeout on the callback?  Has this to be done on the client or the server? (I'd like to get a timeout, when the server calls back to the client and the request takes too long).

When I set a global RELATIVE_RT_TIMEOUT_POLICY on the server orb, the timeouts are working. But I'd like to use timeouts on individual objects.

Any suggestions?


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