[tao-users] ACE+TAO 2.2a patch 9 now available for download

Phil Mesnier mesnierp at ociweb.com
Wed Mar 2 15:03:46 CST 2016

ACE+TAO 2.2a patch 9 is now available for download. Please see 
http://download.ociweb.com/TAO-2.2a_patches <http://download.ociweb.com/TAO-2.2a_patches> for the download. 

Features added and bugs/fixes in TAO 2.2a_p9 
  - A Fix for the Fault Tolerant Name Service (orbsvcs/FT_Naming_Service),
    which could  deadlock when the persistent backup files are stored on a
    NFS mounted filesystem.

  - Improve the robustness of Implementation Repository when dealing with
    servers that are slow to terminate, yet are restarted quickly.

  - The Implementation Repository's activator now accepts a command line
    argument to make child-process detachment optional.

  - The logWalker utility performance is improved wrt very long GIOP message
    dumps. Also added a new directory output option to further split the
    output files that collected thread or peer interactions.

  - Fixes for a variety of build dependency issues and other minor issues
    in some MPC files.

Phil Mesnier
Principal Engineer & Partner

tel  +1.314.579.0066 x225
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