[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Deployment descriptor for external component connection

Gan Deng gan.deng at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Aug 1 16:02:05 CDT 2007


san tos wrote:
> Hi,
> It worked for a connection between a receptacle and a shared component 
> facet when I included the artifact, instance and implementation clause 
> of the shared component in the second descriptor. But I'm receiving an 
> error "'IDL:Deployment/InvalidConnection:1.0'" when I try to connect 
> Comp1 (shared component) and Comp2 through an Event Sink and Event 
> Source like that:
> comp1_comp2_evt
> comp1_pub
> EventPublisher
> Comp1-idd
> comp2_cons
> EventConsumer
> Comp2-idd
> The event source port type is a subclass of the event sink port type, 
> like that:
> eventetype InfoEventBase {string name};
> eventtype InfoEvent:InfoEventBase {};
> component Comp1 {
> publishes InfoEvent comp1_pub;
> }
> component Comp2 {
> consumes InfoEventBase comp2_cons;
> }
> I don't know If the problem is because I can't connect the shared 
> component using the event source and sink or if it has to do with the 
> inheritance of the ports.

It should work with event type connection as well, but we haven't tested 
the inherited event types scenario. Could you please let me know, 
without using shared component feature, whether your inherited event 
type connection got deployed successfully or not?


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