[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Deployment descriptor for external component connection

Gan Deng gan.deng at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Aug 2 12:04:00 CDT 2007


san tos wrote:
> Hi Gan,
> I did the tests you suggested and the deployment worked fine when the 
> event sink and source are of the same time. It appears that when the 
> event sink is a subclass of the event source port the connection doesn't 
> succeed. Below are the error messages I got when tryied to do that.

Uhm, what you described in this email is different from your earlier 
email. In your earlier email, you mentioned that

"The event source port type is a subclass of the event sink port type"

, and here you mentioned the other way around.

In general, the deployment should work if the event sink is a base event 
type and event source is a derived type of that.

Please give it another try with my suggestions above, thanks!


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