[ace-users] question on ACE_INET_Addr

Phil Mesnier mesnier_p at ociweb.com
Thu Aug 2 14:06:07 CDT 2007

Steve Huston wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Phil, your patch looks correct - as long as it works for Premkumar ;-)


> I think, if I've understood this correctly, that the issue arose
> because Premkumar built on a system containing all the IPv6 support
> and ran on a different system that does not have IPv6 support. Or, at
> least, one that has the support there but no IPv6 configured, so it's
> essentially an IPv4 box.
> -Steve

That is my understanding as well.

 From Prem's description of the problem, it looks like the ACE_INET_Addr 
in question is the one initialized in ACE_Pipe::open(), with:

   ACE_INET_Addr local_any  (static_cast<u_short> (0), ACE_LOCALHOST);

Apparently this yielded an IPv6 local_any which was then rejected by the 


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