[Ace-users] Doubt on __ACE_INLINE__!

Jay jayaraghavendran at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 06:38:23 CDT 2007


In some of the platform config files (like solaris) the __ACE_INLINE__
macro is defined whereas in windows config files the same is not
defined. I went through the ACE source and understood that the inline
functions can either be included in the header files (if
__ACE_INLINE__ is defined) or in the source files (if __ACE_INLINE__
is not defined).

What is the purpose of doing so? Is there any benefit in this? Also,
if we want to use only the header files for building an application in
Solaris 8, it throws an error stating that the particular ".inl or .i"
file was not found. How to resolve this?

Thanks in Advance!


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