[ace-users] Question of Reactors' implementation

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Sat Aug 4 08:15:09 CDT 2007

Hi Mai,

>   Currently I'm working on a HTTP server based on ACE, and I found
> that the implementation of TP Reactor on ACE 5.5.10 might cause some
> problems when there're many connections.


> The implementation of dispatch_i() is the following (simplified):
> this->handle_timer_events (event_count, guard);
> this->handle_notify_events (event_count, guard);
> this->handle_socket_events (event_count, guard);

Right. C++NPv2 section 4.2 describes this ordering and the rationale a
bit more. For more info on C++NPv2, please see

> I have to register a timeout event on the reactor when a new
> comes, in order to disconnect it when it is idle. However, the
> might be buggy considering the following timing sequence:
> Connection A comes
> Connection B comes
> The peer of connection B send some data
> Handle_events() ( Invoke handle_input() to process B's request)
> The peer of connection A send some data
> A timeout
> Handle_events() ( Invoke handle_timeout() for A)
> We can see that the request from connection A is lost.

That depends on what you do when you get the timeout.

> When the server has many connections and limited threads for
> them, it seems that the sequence above happens occasionally, which
> frustrating for a HTTP server, making HTTP client gets nothing.
> It seems that making handle_socket_events() comes first in
> would solve the problem. But I also noticed that Prof. Schmidt once
> mentioned the primary concern of the implementation is to maximize
> throughput, yet it would be useful for TCP server to change the
> of the events for better services.

The reason timeouts are services first is that they're often required
to be fairly precise. If you wanted a timeout every 100 msec, for
example, then doing all the socket work prior to timeouts may prohibit
your timer from being delivered correctly.

> The comments of ACE 5.5.1 says that introducing an Strategy class
> would solve problem, but those comments are gone in ACE 5.5.10. Does
> means that the problem is solved?

What problem ;-) I'm not sure where the comment went, but if you have
a need for this type of strategizing, it would be great if you can
develop such a capability and submit it to ACE!

Best regards,

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