[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] tao-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 3

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Aug 7 07:14:34 CDT 2007

This version is ancient and it seems you try to build for chorus, the
support for that platform has been removed. try to add ace/Get_Opt.h as
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	Hi All,


	I am facing a compilation issue while I am trying to build TAO ACE

	I am using TAO version 1.4.1 and ACE version 5.4.1.

	I am trying to compile using the below mentioned steps:

	export CPU=powerpc

	export MERGEDIR=/vob/chorus-mergedir/chorus42/axc

	export ACE_ROOT=/vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers

	export TAO_ROOT=/vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/TAO



	cd /vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/buildTarget/chorus4_g++/ 

	cp config.h             /vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/ace/

	cp platform_macros.GNU


	cd  /vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/

	rm `find ace TAO/tao -name '*.a' ` 

	rm -r `find ace TAO/tao -name '.obj'`



	cd  /vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/ace

	nice -n 9 make -j 8

	cd /vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/TAO/tao

	nice -n 9 make -j 8


	But I am facing an error while compiling Naming_Context.cpp file.

	I am getting the following error:


	Naming_Context.cpp: In member function `void


	Naming_Context.cpp:654: error: syntax error before `(' token

	Naming_Context.cpp:654: error: `get_opt' undeclared (first use this

	Naming_Context.cpp:654: error: (Each undeclared identifier is
reported only 

	   once for each function it appears in.)

	Naming_Context.cpp:654: error: syntax error before `)' token

	make[1]: *** [.obj/Naming_Context.o] Error 1

	make[1]: Leaving directory `/vob/axc_ace/ACE_wrappers/ace'

	make: *** [all] Error 2


	Can anyone kindly let me know how to resolve this issue?


	Thanks in advance.


	Best Regards,




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