[ace-users] IMPORTANT: Riverace ACE Platform Support Changes Planned

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Thu Aug 9 09:14:11 CDT 2007

The next version of ACE, 5.6, is planned for release within a few
weeks. The past few issues of the ACE News and Tips newsletter have
highlighted some of the upcoming features and changes. To read these
newsletters, please see the newsletter page at

Per Riverace's ACE support policy, the Riverace-supported ACE versions
are the current and previous released versions. Therefore, when ACE
5.6 is released, the Riverace-supported versions will become ACE 5.5
and 5.6. ACE 5.4 will no longer be supported under standard support

End of ACE 5.4 support will also mark the end of Riverace's support
for platforms having a "Last support version" of ACE 5.4 in our
support matrix located at http://www.riverace.com/support.htm.
Riverace will no longer support the following platforms when ACE 5.6
is released:

- Solaris 8, SPARC, all compilers
- Solaris SPARC, Sun Forte 6 Update 2 C++
- Red Hat Linux 7.x, x86, g++
- Red Hat Linux 8, x86, g++
- Red Hat Linux 9, x86, g++
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, x86, g++

If you require these platforms to remain supported for later ACE
versions, or you require an extension of ACE 5.4 support, please
contact me to discuss service options past the release date of ACE

For newer platforms that you may wish to have supported, we've
initiated a new sponsorship program for adding ACE support on new
platforms. This program is geared towards making it easier for new
platforms to be added at a lower cost. Please check out the details of
this new program at http://www.riverace.com/sponsor.htm, and please
contact me with any questions about the program or to discuss
sponsoring new platform(s) you'll need in the future.

Best regards,

Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
Would you like ACE to run great on your platform?
See http://www.riverace.com/sponsor.htm

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