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spence_m at ociweb.com spence_m at ociweb.com
Thu Aug 9 14:48:40 CDT 2007

On Aug 1, 4:09 pm, rick hess <hes... at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Guys;
> We just spec'd ACE/TAO for an IR&D project and one of the site
> administrators just stopped by my desk and asked if  ACE & TAO have an
> export license. I'm like great one more roadblock in our path. Anyway
> does anyone out there know about export licensing for ACE & TAO?
> Regards
> Rick Hess

Hi Rick ACE and TAO are covered under export classification control
number EAR 99S. You do not need a license as long as no encryption is

It is dual use technology.

call me if you need additional info.

regards Malcolm Spence
Director of Business Development
OCI St. Louis MO 63141
TEL: 1-314-579-0066
FAX: 1-314-579-0065

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