[ace-users] [autoconf] Crude script to compare autogeneratedconfig.h with regular one

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri Aug 10 11:15:29 CDT 2007


Thanks for the overview. Can you go through the list and see if the defines
autoconf doesn't set are really needed in general (they could be left over
after cleanup). If you think autoconf check for a certain feature, can you
report each macro seperately in bugzilla? Then we get a clean overview in
bugzilla what has to be done.


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> Hello,
> I've written the attached script to compare autogenerated 
> config.h with
> regular one.
> Example:
>   $ export ACE_ROOT=/path/to/ACE_wrappers
>   $ cd $ACE_ROOT
>   $ ./ace-cmp.sh ./objdir/ace/config.h ./ace/config-linux.h
> will compare autogenerated config from $ACE_ROOT/objdir/ace/config.h
> with the regular $ACE_ROOT/ace/config-linux.h
> This script is buggy and probably not portable - for instance it uses
> `cpp -dM'. I still have to find out why it does not reveal the
> ACE_HAS_POSIX_SEM_TIMEOUT difference pointed out last month.
> Anyway, on my box it shows 115 differences, and these will probably
> require some work. 
> I'll be away for the week-end, hence the early post.
> Regards,
> Thomas

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