[Ace-users] 4690 Integration with Digital Video Recorder Complete

EL-USA daven at el-usa.com
Fri Aug 10 16:45:17 CDT 2007

Some time ago I had talked with a few of you who were interested in a
project we were working on to write an integration with the tlog of
the 4690. The data is extracted as it is written into the tlog and
sent to a database on our DVR.

This is just to let you know that we have completed it (actually
several months ago) and it is working well.

Let me give you just a few of the details of the hows and whys.

As many of you probably know there are not many clean integrations
with the 4690 system and applications. Our solution was written
entirely in native 4690 code and therefore is extremely lightweight
and non-intrusive on the in-store controller. We DO NOT require you to
upgrade hardware. We DO NOT require SIF or DIF. We DO NOT require you
to load the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) and we do not use any of the
user exits. Our solution is a background process and requires a
minimum amount of resources.

Our solution sends complete transaction data in a real-time trickle
feed to a database in our DVR which is also located in the store via a
TCP/IP socket. This enable the users of our DVR to do exception-based
reporting on any criteria they wish to specify.

For example, you could say anytime I have a void over $x for bob,
sally & sue, send me an exception report (in real-time) showing me the
transaction as well as the video that goes with the transaction.

We can track anything found within the 4690 including all transaction
data (sku/description/qty/price/tax/etc..), logon/logoff, manager
overrides, all exceptions such as line item or transaction voids,
loans, coupons, tender types, etc ...

To my knowledge we now have a unique solution which is well ahead of
any other DVR/POS middleware type integration in the security
industry. We have long been an extremely strong player in the security
industry with our advanced DVR/POS integration, but this takes us to
an entirely new level and we are very excited about it.

We are compatible with SA/ACE/GSA & CD. We can also generate other
types of notifications such as SMS Text Message and can also monitor
(and notify you) of other items such as freezer temperatures going out
of range, etc..

I hope you don't consider this spam, just wanted to let those who have
been waiting a long time for this type of solution that it's done and
it works. None of this info is on our website yet, but you can call
and get more info.


Dave Nieweg
Electronics Line USA

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