[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] how to unmarshall an any that is a a sequence of structures

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Sat Aug 11 13:04:51 CDT 2007


Have a look at the DynamicAny support in TAO, see TAO/tao/DynamicAny and


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"nospam" <nospam at spamnot.net> wrote in message
news:<46BD8F82.8 at spamnot.net>...
> Hello everyone,
> If a server receives an ANY and does not know a priori what original 
> type it was (plain CORBA types, but ALSO sequences and structures!), how 
> do I
> recreate the original data structure (plain CORBA types, user-defined 
> sequences, and structures)?
> Hopefully obvious, but I am concerned with the sequences and structures 
> and primarily sequences of structures.
> I assume being able to unmarshall sequence of structs from an ANY is 
> doable. I would greatly appreciate a minimal example code. Or maybe 
> there are rare or new CORBA-standard built-in functions that make this 
> simple?
> Here is the IDL I am trying to use:
> struct NVPAIR
> {
> string name;
> any value;      // this any could hold a POT,sequence,
> 		// struct, or sequence of struct
> };
> typedef sequence<NVPAIR> NVPAIR_LIST;
> struct COMMAND
> {
> string      cmd;
> }
> typedef sequence<COMMAND> COMMAND_LIST;
> In this example, I am receiving a COMMAND_LIST, and need to reconstruct 
> the sequence of COMMANDS.
> I am using Linux with GNU 4.1.2 compiler, C++, and the newest TAO release
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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