[Ace-users] Re: Best of Breed TAO Notification Service Usage for Point2Point Communication?

Rob Ratcliff rrr6399 at futuretek.com
Sun Aug 12 19:52:09 CDT 2007

While I was mowing the yard this afternoon, I realized that my
explanation wasn't all that clear or accurate so here is a sequence
diagram to illustrate what I meant to say:


Is this the kind of approach veteran Notification Service architects are
using? Is there a better or simpler approach?



Rob Ratcliff wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using TAO's Notification service for the classic pub/sub
> problem (publisher pushes events to all subscribers) with great success.
> (Thanks for the great capability!) I've also been thinking about how one
> might use it for P2P communication (similar to JMS's P2P capability)
> where the publisher only wants the event to go to one subscriber. I
> don't want to rely on the subscribers to be trusted to change their
> filters to only listen to event that belong to them.

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