[Ace-users] Questions about ACE_Thread and ACE_Thread_Adapter

Dewdman42 dewdman42 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 20:09:57 CDT 2007

Hi everyone.  ACE newbie here.  Anyone know where I can find some
example code showing the correct usage of ACE_Thread_Adapter to spawn
a detached thread with ACE_Thread::spawn() that will call a member
method on an object instance?  Is that even possible?

I sorta crippled something together, but I have a feeling I am doing
something wrong?  I gathered that I could not instantiate an instance
of ACE_Thread_Adapter on the stack because the dtor is private.  I can
create one with new, but then there is a leak because I can't call
delete against it.  I must not be using this Command class correctly.


thanks in advance

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