[Ace-users] Interesting article on SOA Reusability: Shrinking the Lag between Business and IT

Jerry Mcnealy jerry.mcnealy at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 01:32:53 CDT 2007

There is an interesting article on java.net about SOA reusability,
Shrinking the Lag between Business and IT:


Blessings from business owners are important in all SOA
implementations. This article articulates the vision of reusability
with a different spin around the business users, the ultimate end
users of SOA.

This article nicely describes how business-process modeling tools and
SOA enables business analysts to directly reconfigure systems built on
SOA with near-zero involvement of the IT staff. IMHO, every SOA
architecture team should put this into their SOA vision and mission
statement, and also include it in their pitch to muster the necessary
support from business users.

- Jerry

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