[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Group Communication Protocols on TAO, CIAO, DAnCE?

Jaiganesh Balasubramanian jai at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Aug 14 17:26:26 CDT 2007

Hi Geovani,

> Well, the question is: I wanna implement a group communication protocol 
> for real-time systems, especially for ARCOS. I was talking with Sandro 
> and we were wondering about if is really necessary to implement it for 
> real-time systems that uses CIAO or TAO or even ARCOS.

It is not really necessary to implement a group communication protocol 
using CIAO/TAO.

In the past we have used a well-known group communication protocol named 
SPREAD (http://www.spread.org/) in conjunction with CIAO applications to 
do active replication for fault tolerance purposes.

Another popular group communication protocol to consider would be 
Ensemble (http://dsl.cs.technion.ac.il/projects/Ensemble/).

However, if you think about implementing group communication toolkit in 
the context of ORB level transport, you can consider using TAO's 
pluggable protocol framework, and provide an implementation of any of 
the available group communication toolkits. OMG is also considering a 
standard (Extensible TRansport Framework (ETF)), but not sure where they 
stand right now.


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