[ace-users] Recommended order of reading

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Aug 21 09:06:32 CDT 2007

Hi Asif,

> I am extremely fascinated by the patterns and the productivity that
> I can achieve using the same. I have been browsing GoF for quite
> some time now and also did work on ACE a bit some time back (went
> through APG a bit as well). I will keep going through the GoF but it
> would be of great help if you could recommend the proper order of
> browsing all this related stuff: GoF, APG and POSA1 through 5. I
> believe it would be of immense help to other list users as well.

Assuming that you already are familiar with the GoF patterns, I
recommend you read POSA2 <www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/POSA/POSA2> if
you're interested in the patterns used in ACE.  Naturally, if you're
not familiar with GoF it would be a good idea to read that book first
or keep it handy as a reference.  Once you've read POSA2 you'll be
able to dive into the three books on ACE
<www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/ACE> with much better confidence.

If you're interested more broadly in patterns for distributed systems
I recommend you read POSA4 first, keeping POSA1, POSA2, and POSA3
handy as a reference to learn more about various patterns referenced
in POSA4.

Finally, POSA5 is something to read as a broader view on patterns and
pattern languages.  I recommend reading this if you want to understand
the concepts underlying the pattern form - it has few dependencies on
the other books.

I hope this helps,

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