[ace-users] ACE Reactor Timer Dispatching

Prashanth Gopinath prashanth.gopinath at sylantro.com
Thu Aug 23 23:36:45 CDT 2007


I see that the timer skew is set to 10ms in the config-<platform>.h
files. As a result of this the timers expire earlier (by 10ms). 

1) Could someone please clarify on the reason behind this 10ms value? 
2) Also if this is set to 0 what are the implications? 

Something like:
ACE_TP_Reactor  reactor;
ACE_Time_Value skew(0,0);

File: ace/config-sunos5.5.h
// Maximum compensation (10 ms) for early return from timed ::select ().
#if !defined (ACE_TIMER_SKEW)
# define ACE_TIMER_SKEW 10 * 1000
#endif /* ACE_TIMER_SKEW */


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