[Ace-users] ACE_Task and ACE_Event_Handler

ak akaraban at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 07:48:04 CDT 2007


I've implemented scheduler service that wakes up after some period of
time and does scheduled jobs. I'm using ACE_Thread_Timer_Queue /
ACE_Timer_Heap along with ACE_Event_Handler for framework. It works
Next thing that I tried is to make my job multi-threaded and I used
ACE_Task based ThreadPool. I was starting thread pool in
handle_timeout() function.

And I ran into 2 problems:
1. When ThreadPool runs it blocks all timer signals so other scheduled
jobs could not be started.
2. After ThreadPool is completed his job - it shuts down whole service
without crushing.

Maybe someone had similar puzzles?

System: Win32, ACE 5.4
Thank you in advance.

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