[Ace-users] Re: ACE_Task and ACE_Event_Handler

ak akaraban at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:13:36 CDT 2007

>>>>>How are you starting a thread pool and why are you starting it in the
>>>>>handle_timeout() function?!

I'm using ThreadPool (Manager) sample from chapter 16.2 of APG.
I'm starting it as
ThreadPool.activate(); <- I tried different settings but it did not

I have to process large array on handle_timeout() so I decided to do
it by using thread pool.

>>>> It sounds like you aren't allowing the main thread to run anymore once
>>>> you spawn the thread pool - hence the timer signals won't get to run.

Yes. This is what I'm thinking. I just needed simple and local thread
pool implementation and I was hoping ACE_Task will do the trick. But
it looks like ACE_Task activate() overwrites something global.

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