[ace-users] handle_read_stream never be call

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Aug 31 21:20:33 CDT 2007


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>I write a web page get program.
>    urlget="GET  ";
>    urlget+=httpinfo.filename;
>    if(httpinfo.filename.size()<5)
>       urlget+="/index.html";
>    urlget+="  HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: ";
>    urlget+=httpinfo.hostname;
>    urlget+="\r\nConnection:close";
>    urlget+="\r\nUser-agent:Mozilla/4.0";
>    urlget+="\r\nAccept-language:zh-cn";
>                  ACE_Message_Block (urlget.c_str(),urlget.size()));
>    mb->length(urlget.size());
>    write_.write(*mb,urlget.size());
>write_ is success,handle_write_stream be call ,fine;
>void HTTP_read::handle_write_stream(const
>     if (result.success ())
>     {
>       ACE_DEBUG ((LM_DEBUG, "ace write success\n"));
>     }
>     ACE_Message_Block *mb=&result.message_block ();
>     mb->release();
>     ACE_NEW_NORETURN (mb, ACE_Message_Block (1024));
>     if (this->reader_.read (*mb, mb->space ()) ==-1)
>       {
>          ACE_ERROR ((LM_ERROR, ACE_TEXT ("%p\n"),ACE_TEXT ("HTTP_read
>begin read")));
>          mb->release ();
>          delete this;
>          return;
>       }
>reader_.read(*mb, mb->space ()) is fine.
>but handle_read_stream no be call .what happen?

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