[Ace-users] [ace-users] ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.2 available for download

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri Dec 14 08:20:53 CST 2007

Hi all,

Thanks to the efforts of many developers, testers, and users, we are
pleased to announce the latest ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.2 release. The
x.6.2 release is available from the download location at


under the heading "Latest Beta kit".

The doxygen documentation for the release is also available.  The
prebuild cidlc binaries will be available tomorrow.  In addition to the
packages combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release also
provides source-only packages for the group of users who use MPC to
generate their own makefiles.

We encourage you to download the new release, use it with your
applications, and let us know if you encounter any problems. Please use


so that we have the proper version/platform/compiler/options you're
using to report problems. We also request that you take a look at:


for the status of various ongoing projects at the DOC groups of WashU,
UCI, and Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO forward.  Overviews of our
recent progress and upcoming plans are available at:


The overall success rates for the test results gathered from all our
daily builds is 98% for the ACE tests and 95% for the TAO tests.  Please


for a summary of these tests.  As always, we appreciate your help in
resolving any remaining problems.  Please see:


for an overview of our bug fixing policies.  Moreover, please see


for information commercial support services available from various

The following is a list of key changes since the last beta. Please refer
to the corresponding ChangeLog files, NEWS files or Bugzilla entries for
more details on the problem and the nature of fixes applied.

Changes to ACE

. ACE-ified the UUID class, which will change user applications slightly.

. Added support for Sun Studio 12

. Added support for Intel C++ 10.1

. Fixed runtime problems with VxWorks 6.x in kernel mode, several
  have been made to ACE, but also some problems in the VxWorks kernel have
  been found for which WindRiver has made patches.

. Added support for VxWorks 6.5 kernel mode

. Added support for MacOS 10.5

. Support for MacOS 10.4 is now deprecated.

. Added support for OpenSuSE 10.3

. Added support for RedHat 5.1

. Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

. Added support for Fedora Core 8

. Added support for Ubuntu 7.10

. With Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 we can't use visibility, that results in
  unresolved externals when building some tests. With lsb_release we
  now detect Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 automatically and then we disable

. Removed deprecated (un)subscribe methods from ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast

. Added an additional replace() method to ACE_OuptutCDR for replacing a
  ACE_CDR::Short value. Also added write_long_placeholder() and
  write_short_placeholder() to properly align the stream's write pointer,
  write a placeholder value and return the placeholder's pointer. The
  can later be used in a call to replace() to replace the placeholder with a
  different value.

. Initial support for VxWorks 6.6

. Removed support for pthread draft 4, 6, & 7. This makes the ACE threading
  code much cleaner

. Improved autoconf support

. Fixed TSS emulation problems

. Changed ACE_thread_t and ACE_hthread_t to int for VxWorks kernel mode. All
  thread creation methods do have an additional const char* argument to
  specify the task name, this now also works with pthread support enabled

. Use bool in much more interfaces where this is possible

. Added support for Debian Etch

. Fixed ACE CDR LongDouble support on VxWorks 6.x

. Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project files to the release packages

. Fixed a few bugs in the ACE_Vector template

Changes to TAO

. Added support for handling Location Forward exceptions caught when using
  AMI with DSI. These exceptions may also be raised from within DSI servants
  using AMH.

. Added -RTORBDynamicThreadRunTime which controls the lifetime of dynamic
  RTCORBA threads

. Changed the PI code so that send_request is also called at the moment
  we don't have a transport (bugzilla 2133)

. Fixed memory leak that occured for each thread that was making CORBA

. Updated several tests to work correctly on VxWorks

. Removed support for pluggable messaging. As a result the code in the
  core of TAO is much cleaner and we are about 5 to 10% faster

. Improved CORBA/e support

. Added gperf's exit code to the error message output if it exits
  unsuccessfully when spawned by the IDL compiler to generate an
  interface's operation table

. Fixed bug in Interface Repository's handling of base valuetypes
  and base components (Bugzilla 3155)

. Fixed code generation bug that occurs when there is both a C++
  keyword clash in the IDL and AMI 'implied IDL' code generation

. Fixed IDL compiler bug wherein some cases of illegal use of a
  forward declared struct or union wasn't caught

. Improved support for VxWorks 6.4 kernel and rtp mode

Changes to CIAO

. Removed 24 unnecessary builds from the CIAO_TAO_DAnCE.mwc
  MPC workspace file

. Changes to the generate_component_mpc.pl Perl scrip, CIDL compiler
  generation of empty executor implementation classes, and existing
  tests and examples to make servant dependency on executor the
  default, instead of vice versa as previously

. Made the processing of IDL and CIDL files into separate build steps
  for tests, examples, and for DAnCE's TargetManager

. Added additional tests for CIAOEvents Integration, which executes
  several scenarios for components using Real-time EventChannels
  as event mechanism.

Bugzilla Bug Fixes

ACE bugs fixed:

742, 1124, 2292, 2364, 2441, 2907, 2974, 2987, 2998, 3064, 3069, 3071, 3074,
3081, 3084, 3085, 3092, 3094, 3102, 3107, 3108, 3109, 3113, 3124, 3131,
3135, 3139, 3143, 3146, 3148, 3149, 3152, 3153, 3161

TAO bugs fixed:

2133, 2993, 3039, 3056, 3075, 3076, 3079, 3080, 3093, 3103, 3127, 3151,

CIAO bugs fixed:


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