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That is just what I thought. Thank You.


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Hi David,

> Thank you for the information. I have been using the APG (First book
> got when it looked like I might go down the ACE path). I assumed
> there would be a way for the framework to sign up tasks and use the
> message queues. Here is what I was looking for:
>       Task1 ---->  Message Queue Task2 ---->  Task2


> In this case Task1 could tell Task2 to do something by 
> placing a message
> in the message queue of Task2; then Task2 would be able to process
> message.


> You are right there will have to be a way for both tasks to know
> the queue.

Actually, what you need is for Task 1 to know about Task 2.

> I thought that ACE would have a way to advertise queues for
> tasks to know about them, but I am not sure how. Is there a 
> way for the
> framework to advertise queues, or do I have something wrong with my
> assumptions?

You have something wrong in your assumptions, probably. There's no
general advertisement of available queues. However, if Task1 and Task2
were part of a Stream, they wouldn't need to know about each other,
Task 1 would simply forward the message along the stream and it would
get to Task 2.


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