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Hi Vlad,
Thank you for jumping right in and offering assistance on the list!
In this case, your suggestion adds more work than is necessary, as the
ACE_Message_Queue in each ACE_Task includes, and automatically uses,
the synchronization objects you suggest. Please review the design
rationale in C++NPv2 chapter 6 for further information.
I hope we hear more from you in the future.

Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
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I'm also new to ACE and maybe it has better tools but so far it sounds
to me like all you need is to use mutex and conditional variable.
Task1 locks the queue puts message on the queue signals task2 using
conditional variable. Task2 grabs a lock, checks if there are messages
on the queue, if not - waits on conditional variable for signal.
Depending on wether the tasks run on separate threads or processes (I
believe ACE has mutexes/cond var for processes as well as threads) use
proper ace tools.

Search ace docs for ace_mutex and ace_condition as there are a few
macros and classes and I don't remember exact names


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Hi David,

> Thank you for the information. I have been using the APG (First book
> got when it looked like I might go down the ACE path). I assumed
> there would be a way for the framework to sign up tasks and use the
> message queues. Here is what I was looking for:
>       Task1 ---->  Message Queue Task2 ---->  Task2


> In this case Task1 could tell Task2 to do something by
> placing a message
> in the message queue of Task2; then Task2 would be able to process
> message.


> You are right there will have to be a way for both tasks to know
> the queue.

Actually, what you need is for Task 1 to know about Task 2.

> I thought that ACE would have a way to advertise queues for
> tasks to know about them, but I am not sure how. Is there a
> way for the
> framework to advertise queues, or do I have something wrong with my
> assumptions?

You have something wrong in your assumptions, probably. There's no
general advertisement of available queues. However, if Task1 and Task2
were part of a Stream, they wouldn't need to know about each other,
Task 1 would simply forward the message along the stream and it would
get to Task 2.


Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
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