[Ace-users] pattern for server manager

Saya bsayanthan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 05:22:43 CST 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to build a server manager which will manage its ports, so
that at any time the server manger could create, enable or disable a
port or ports. Basically the server should be capable of allowing a
single client to connect to one of its port, so for example,
application A wil connect on port 2000
application B will connect on port 3000

and so forth, at any time the admin should be able to add a new port
4000 (or what ever ) and allow another application to connect on it.

I will like to know what is the most efficient way of building this
because I am just a starter with ACE and might end up using the wrong
pattern/s, any how what I tried now, is by using the reactor pattern
and I ran into problems with regard to dynamically adding ports
(probably because I used the object in the wrong way), I would like to
know if the reactor is already a singleton or if i would have to take
any special measures to make it explictly a singleton?

Should I use some other pattern for this?

What pattern should I use to have seperate threads created for each
port? Will it be possible to achieve seperate threads for seperate
ports using the reactor?

thank you in advance for your advices,



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