[Ace-users] [tao-users] About POA Manager in TAO

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Dec 17 12:32:43 CST 2007

Hi Steve,

>> Ok, so does this imply that the CSD mechanism runs "atop" the POA?  Put
>> another way, what is the architectural relationship between CSD and the
>> POA?
>It uses the Strategy pattern.  The POA delegates the
>dispatching of requests to the CSD strategy object.

Aha, now I get it.

>>> The thread-pool CSD strategy (TP_Strategy) that comes with TAO
>>> as a reference implementation does queue requests for processing
>>> by threads in the thread pool.  I don't believe there is any
>>> defined upper limit to the number of requests that can be queued.
>> Cool - it would be nice if we could figure out how to integrate CSD with
>> the POA such that the HOLDING state would queue requests!
>That was not the intent of the original sponsor of CSD.

Ok, so it sounds like adding support for this feature should be put on
the "wish list" for future sponsors ;-)


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