[Ace-users] Odd action when ACE_Event_Handler::handle_timeout returns -1.

hongxing777 at gmail.com hongxing777 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 05:08:19 CST 2007

Version 5.6.2
Host: windows xp sp2 / SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
Compiler: VS 2003 / Gcc 3.3.3

I schedule three timers on ACE_Event_Handler, here I call them
timer_id1, timer_id2 and timer_id3. In handle_timeout of timer_id1, I
returns -1, which I think timer_id1 will be canceled and unregistered
from reactor. But I found that when returns -1, all three timers are
canceled and unregistered from the reactor. I think this action is

I only want one timer to be canceled in handle_timeout, how ?

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