[Ace-users] [ace-users] QtReactor stuff in ACE 5.6.2

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Dec 20 19:37:05 CST 2007

Hi Jim,

> I am sorry to bother you about this, but I am attempting to use
> ACE 5.6.2 for some asynchronous cognitive model simulations.

Great!  BTW, please send questions about ACE to the ACE mailing list or
the comp.soft-sys.ace newsgroup.  See


for more info on how to access these resources.

> I have also been using Qt in various versions for some time.
> Currently, I am using Qt4.2x or Qt4.3 and as you know Qt4.3 is in a
> state of development which has invalidated a lot of Qt3.3 things.
> Anyway, do you know if anyone has looked at the QtReactor stuff in ACE
> for the upgrade to Qt4.2?

Yes, I've seen some other people post stuff about this during the past
year or so on the mailing list and newsgroup.  You might check out the
archives at groups.google.com for more info ta


> I figured out how to modify the config.status file in
> my /build directory under ACE_wrappers to correctly compile
> everything, but I don't think the test QtReactor_Test
> runs correctly.  I have not yet been able to find any
> web links to this, although I am continuing to try to find
> something as it all comes down to finding the right key phrase
> to search on!  
> So, do you know of anyother QtReactor tests I could try? 

I recommend checking the archives as mentioned above.  I've also cc'd
your email to the ACE mailing list in case someone there knows more
about Qt 4.2 than I do!



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