[Ace-users] ACE Time probe

sunil sunilsreenivas2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 10:59:12 CST 2007

 I have a ace server made up of multiple ace tasks, I need to compute
time each thread spends processing (do it doesnt include time waiting
in getq()). I orignally thought of using gettimeofday() after coming
out of the getq() and before entering wait again and compute the
processingtime as difference between these two. Do this over some
window (add up the times during this time) and get %time its doing
work. Then when browsing ace class hierarchy I came across ace time
probes. THey seem to do similar things..
a)What is the advantage of using time probes as opposed to taking
above approach. (Using gettimeofday())
b)Secondly I looked at documentation for class, all I want to do is
adding up processing time over some time window. However this class
only seems to have ability to print the the times between two
successive probes (correct me if I am wrong) but doesnt seem to have
abikity to give back to me the time difference..... I want this number
as I want to keep on adding it over some time interval and then
compute the % and publish it... Is there a way to do this or should I
just stick with my idea.
Thank You,

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