[ace-users] Question regarding timer IDs in ACE_Timer_Queue

Alex Blate Alex.Blate at sylantro.com
Sun Jul 8 19:58:36 CDT 2007

ACE Users:


I am porting a large code base to a new compiler, 64-bit compliance,
etc., and, in so doing, I have upgraded from ACE 5.1.14 (circa 2001) to
ACE 5.5.x. I had some minor issues, but the port and ACE upgrade have
gone mercifully smoothly - a credit, no doubt, to the quality of the ACE
package and community.


Onto my question: Our code uses, inter alia, the ACE_Timer_Queue (via
ACE_Thread_Timer_Queue_Adapter, using Timer_Heap). Last week, I hit a
very nasty bug which "went away" when I made changes to a couple places
where we assumed that the timer IDs had to be strictly greater than
zero. Looking at the ACE code, I see no reason why timer IDs can't be
zero ( -1 is the "null" value, of course). OTOH, I have to assume that
there was a reason why our old code checked for ID > 0 and I want to be
sure that I'm not breaking something else :-)


Has the Timer_Queue implementation changed between 5.1 and 5.5 such that
in 5.1 timers were strictly positive and now they can have zero-valued


I just would like a sanity check in case my bug went away for some other
reason or, being timing-related, is just hiding from me. 


I did not fill out the PRF because I consider this a question about a
change in your underlying implementation, rather than a bug :-)


Alex Blate

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