[ace-users] error

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jul 9 07:09:48 CDT 2007

Hi Albert,

> Does anyone know the reason of this error?

To ensure that we have proper version/platform/compiler information,
please make sure you fill out the appropriate problem report form (PRF),
which is in


or in


in older versions of ACE+TAO.  Make sure to include this information
when asking any questions about ACE+TAO since otherwise we have to
"guess" what version/platform/compiler/options you've using, which is
very error-prone and slows down our responsiveness.  If you don't use
the PRF, therefore, it is less likely that someone from the core
ACE+TAO developer team will be able to answer your question.
Naturally, we encourage and appreciate other members of the ACE+TAO
user community who can respond to questions that they have the answers

> -
> server.cpp: In function â:
> server.cpp:74: error: pointer of type â used in arithmetic
> server.cpp:74: error: â is not a pointer-to-object type
> server.cpp:79: warning: deleting â is undefined
> make: *** [server] Error 1
> -
> The code is (lines 73-79):
> -
> for (int j=0; j<(int)vec->iov_len; j++) {
>   printf("%c",*(vec->iov_base[j]));
> }
> printf("\n");
> //IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!
> delete [] vec->iov_base;
> -
> where iovec is defined globally:
> iovec * vec;

Are you sure you've include the header file that defines what an iovec is?

Take care,


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