[ace-users] Pending removal of platforms from Riverace's supported platforms list

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Mon Jul 9 14:52:42 CDT 2007

Hello ACE users,

Late in 2006, Riverace revised our ACE support service levels from a
one-size-fits-all model to various size- and service-flexible options.
In making this change, we made a conscious goal of making services
available to many more ACE users who could benefit from having ACE
expertise on call. With the wider range of service selections
available came a change in the way we determine how long to support
the current set of computing platforms with ACE.

As explained on our website's ACE support page
(http://www.riverace.com/support.htm) Riverace may remove any platform
from the supported platforms list when its usage falls below 5
one-year-term developers or 1 group-wide support customer. We
periodically poll our support customers to keep up to date on which
platforms are still in use. In our most recent platform survey we
learned that the Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Pocket PC 2003
platforms' usage has now fallen below the level required to maintain
them. Therefore, we plan to remove these two platforms from Riverace's
supported platforms list on or before August 1, 2007, prior to the ACE
5.6 release.

To ensure that Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Pocket PC 2003 remain
supported, at least 4 other per-year developers must purchase ACE
support and indicate at the time of purchase that these platform(s)
are being actively used.

Please be aware that once a platform has been removed from our
supported platforms list, the cost to requalify an ACE version for the
platform is significantly higher than the cost of annual River Level
group-wide support. Please see http://www.riverace.com/sponsor.htm for
more information on our services for adding new platforms to ACE

Please contact me any time if you'd like to discuss this pending
change or our platform support policy.


Steve Huston 

Steve Huston, Riverace Corporation
Would you like ACE to run great on your platform?
See http://www.riverace.com/sponsor.htm

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