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Jochen Rothenbacher jochen.rothenbacher at nsn.com
Wed Jul 11 08:38:42 CDT 2007


yes we use the CSD feature. We have a single threaded main application 
with several input sources (CORBA is one of them). There are several 
input threads which receiving the events an storing them into queues. 
The mainloop asks event queues consecutively to dispatch their events.

This main application creates and initializes the orb. With the CSD we 
copy the events in an own queue and dispatch them later. 

In an own thread (seperate from the main application) we start the time-
bounded CORBA::ORB::run(timeout) loop. After the timeout we look if the 
main applications has triggered the shutdown.

If shutdown was triggered we don't call run() again and the thread 
returns. Afterward the main application calls destroy() on the rootPOA 
and the orb.

Gruss Jochen

Johnny Willemsen" <jwillemsen at remedy.nl> wrote in
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> Hi,
> Do you really use the CSD stuff in your app? If not, remove it. Static
> initialization can bea problem on solaris, but I see you already use
> -z now. How do you initiate the shutdown, maybe that can cause a
> problem also. 
> Regards,
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