[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] calling Plan_Launcher leads to Execution_Manager coredump

Friedhelm Wolf friedhelm.wolf at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 11 09:18:17 CDT 2007

Hi Gan,

It looks to me that the at least one DLL name in your local directory do
> not match the name you specified in your deployment plan descriptor,
> hence the UnknownImplId exception.

You were correct with that. I missed to fill in the <location> value for the
implementation artifacts of my components.

However ... when I did so, I get the same error message again (apart from
that there is the name of the .so in the debug output now):

CIAO_NodeManager IOR:
CIAO_NodeManager is running...
*** Starting NodeApplication
Running NodeApplication...
CIAO (23160|182950300544) Container_Base.cpp
-Session_Container::ciao_install_home -ERROR in opening the executor DLL
(23160|182950300544) EXCEPTION, Container_Impl::install

user exception, ID 'IDL:Deployment/UnknownImplId:1.0'
(23160|182950300544) EXCEPTION, CIAO_NodeApplication::install error

user exception, ID 'IDL:Deployment/UnknownImplId:1.0'

Could you please check your .cdp file and your local directory names to
> make sure they do match with each other?

What do you mean by local directory names?  I set up my projects, so that
all shared libraries are
placed in $ACE_ROOT/lib.
When the library name is "libCLogger_execd.so", i entered "CLogger_execd" as
the <location> value.
I also made shure that the $ACE_ROOT/lib path is mentioned in the

However, the NodeApplications ACE_DLL_Manager seems not to be able to find
the correct shared object file.
(I debugged into this the whole day now).

Any hints, why the shared objects cannot be found?


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