[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] saving and loading the state of a component

Sowayan, Abdullah (N-DUA) abdullah.sowayan at lmco.com
Thu Jul 12 22:29:19 CDT 2007


>I'm looking for a way to save the internal state of a CCM component,
>including component specific data, in order to resume component 
>operation after restarting a component.

>I'm aware that there are different types of component containers,

Yes, if I remember correctly the spec says that there are 4 types of
containers. I think Light Weight CCM supports only Session containers
>which have a certain persistence policy. 

Yes, though that wouldn't be supported by a Session Container. Thus you
can't do it with Light Weight CCM.

>Can you point me to some documentation about that?

There are none. 

>Are there any standard mechanisms, which I can use to store the
>internal state of my components?

No, not that I'm aware of. If you find out otherwise please let me know.

>What is the current state of CIAO, concerning such features?

Again, CIAO is an implementation of Light Weight CCM, thus it doesn't
have anything regarding persistence.


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