[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Invoking push_event on a component

Sowayan, Abdullah (N-DUA) abdullah.sowayan at lmco.com
Sun Jul 15 11:58:21 CDT 2007

>I'm trying to invoke the push_event method on a component using the 
>following code changed from the Hello example: 
>CORBA::Object_var obj = orb->string_to_object (ior); 
>Components::EventConsumerBase_var consumer = 
>Components::EventConsumerBase::_narrow(obj.in ()); 
>Hello::TimeOut_var event = new OBV_Hello::TimeOut; 
>I'm getting the ior from a file. It happens that the "obj" is filled
>but the "consumer" I'm getting has a null value. What I am doing wrong?

Hmmm, if after orb->string_to_object you get a CORBA::Object that is not
nil, and you try to narrow it to Components::EventConsumerBase and the
result is a nil object reference, that means that the object is not of
Components::EventConsumerBase type.


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