[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] TAO1.5 notification service is not working in Solaris/CC environment.

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Mon Jul 16 03:06:46 CDT 2007

Have a look at the code, maybe remove -ORBLogFile and see if you get output
on the console


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Subject: Re: TAO1.5 notification service is not working in Solaris/CC

Hi Johnny,
  I run notification service as follows

./Naming_Service -ORBDebug -ORBDebugLevel 10 -ORBLogFile naming.log -o
ns.ior &       
./Notify_Service -ORBInitRef NameService=file://ns.ior -ORBDebug
-ORBDebugLevel 10 -ORBLogFile notify.log

  But it didn't create log file.
   I am using Solaris 8 and Sun CC compiler 5.7.

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We build daily ACE/TAO on Solaris 10 with Sun Forte 11 and don't have any 
problems running the notification service. Try to run the debugger and see
what happens, or add -ORBDebugLevel 10 to the notification service and see
if you get more info what is happening on your system.


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> Hi All,
>   I am using TAO1.5 version on solaris machine. with Sun CC compiler.
>   Machin details: SunOS ocean 5.8 Generic_117350-35 sun4u sparc 
> SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise
>   C++ (Sun CC) Compiler details : Sun C++ 5.7 2005/01/07
>   I compiled it successfull. Simple Client-Server is working very
> well, but Notification Service doesn't work. 
>   Following are the steps How I run Notification service.
>   step 1: Start the TAO Naming Service
>     $TAO_ROOT/bin/Naming_Service/Naming_Service -o ns.ior
>   step 2: Start the TAO Notification Service 
>     $TAO_ROOT/bin/Notify_Service/Notify_Service -ORBInitRef
> NameService=file://ns.ior
>     Here, it just display message as 'Loading the Cos Notification
> Service..."
>     but doesn't run ORB threads. 
>   But when I compile it with g++ on same machine, and notification
> service works fine.
>   Please help me to run TAO successfully on Solaris machine with Sun
> CC compiler. 
> Thanks
>   - Prakash Kadam.

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