[ace-users] ACE_TCHAR use in ACE_OS

Stew Paddaso stew.paddaso at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 13:02:32 CDT 2007

Thanks for the quick response!

Is there any opposition to a patch that adds the "unified" version of the
ACE_OS functions (probably just inlines the desired version of the existing
function)?  There's a possibility we may be interested in developing such a
patch in the future.

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Hi Stew,

>I noticed that certain functions in the ACE_OS namespace mix char, wchar_t,
>and ACE_TCHAR. 


> For example, there are 2 versions of fopen:
>FILE* fopen (const char *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *mode);
>FILE* fopen (const wchar_t *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *mode);
>Why is this?  Why isn't there a single fopen function defined as:
>FILE* fopen (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *mode);

Because some early sponsors of ACE wide character support wanted to be
able to have "mixed" wide/narrow strings in the same program!

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