[Ace-users] Configuring Windows Server 2003 to act as a NAT router

dominate.h at gmail.com dominate.h at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 16:14:00 CDT 2007

2 years ago than I care to think about, IP addresses were handed out
to companies on an indiscriminant basis. As the popularity of the
Internet increased, IP addresses soon grew to be a scarce commodity.
Internet service providers began to strictly limit the number of IP
addresses that they would lease to companies. This presented an
interesting challenge. A PC has to have an IP address in order to
communicate with the Internet, but there weren't enough IP addresses
left for every PC to be given one. The solution to this problem was a
technology called Network Address Translation (NAT). Today, NAT is
alive and well, and more popular than ever. In this article, I will
explain what NAT is and how you can configure Windows Server 2003 to
act as a NAT router.

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