[ace-users] ACE_Process_Semaphore vs. ACE_Semaphore(int count, int type = USYNC_PROCESS)

Michael Carr mcarr92365 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 16:30:55 CDT 2007

I have the same question for ACE_RW_Process_Mutex vs
ACE_RW_Mutex(int type=USYNC_PROCESS).

Furthermore, there is a note in the source for the
former that says "Note that because this class uses
the <ace_file_lock> as its implementation it only can
be reliably used between separate processes, rather
than threads in the same process. This isn't a
limitation of ACE, it's simply the file lock semantics
on UNIX and Win32".  Is the same tru for
ACE_RW_Mutex(int type=USYNC_PROCESS)?

Thanks again,

--Michael Carr

--- Michael Carr <mcarr92365 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> ACE ver. = 5.4
> All,
> I'm trying to provide guidance to several app
> developers who are brand new to ACE on which of
> these
> two semaphores to use.  They look functionally the
> same, but clearly (at least on Linux) have very
> different under-the-hood implementations.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> --Michael Carr
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