[Ace-users] Re: question about SSL communication and TCP communication

Amnon AmnonAB at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 04:28:28 CDT 2007

On Jul 17, 10:10 pm, richard zhao <rich4t... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello, All,
>   I am doing Client/Server network progarmming  by using ACE. Between Client and Server, I tried two kinds of connections, one connection is TCP connection and another one is SSL connection. through testing, I found TCP connection is much faster than SSL connection. For example, when I send some data by TCP connection, it will take 17s. however when I send same data by SSL connection. it will take 79s. I know SSL connection should be slower than TCP connection. do you think it should be so slow? what I did is as following:
>   if (SSLConnection) //ssl connection
>   {
>         send_cnt = this->peer ().sendv_n (iov, 2);
>   }
>   else //TCP connnection
>   {
>         send_cnt = this->peer ().peer().sendv_n(iov, 2);
>   }
>   all code is same except for the above parts.
>   thank you very much for your comments and suggestion in advance.
>   Richard
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 Most of the SSL overhead is generated because of the SSL Handshake,
using the more cpu-expensive Public-Private Key encryption. Once the
Handshake is complete the connection uses symetric encryption (until
it closes or until a re-handshaking takes place). It's reasonable that
SSL Handshake would take this long. If you want to get a better
comparison, use bigger data pools over a longer period of time, you
will see how the handshake is the most expensive part of the process.


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