[ace-users] TAO IDL compiler error for "EventType"

Adam Mitz mitza at ociweb.com
Fri Jul 20 08:57:26 CDT 2007

Hi Terry,

Douglas C. Schmidt wrote:
>> I got IDL compiler error as below:
>> "tao_idl: "./CosNotification.idl", line 26: spelling differs from IDL
>> keyword only in case: "EventType""
>> Per http://www.omg.org/issues/issue4901.txt, this could be easily fixed
>> by editorial modification to the IDL.
>> But I was told by client-side guy that error didn't happen when using
>> other IDL compiler such as VisiBroker and Orbix, which
>> means it is hard and late to modify the idl file. Now the question is:
>> how can I suppress this keyword parsing? I tried "-Sm"
>> but nothing changed.
>> p.s.: my tao version:
>> bash-2.05$ tao_idl -V
>> tao_idl
>> TAO_IDL_FE, version 1.4a_p16 (Based on Sun IDL FE, version 1.3.0)
>> TAO_IDL_BE, version 1.4a_p16
>> CosNotifiacation.idl segment:
>> "
>>     25
>>     26          struct EventType {
>>     27                  string domain_name;
>>     28                  string type_name;
>>     29          };
>> "

Is this snippet from the CosNotification.idl file distributed with TAO 
1.4a_p16?  This doesn't match what I see in the TAO 1.4a sources.
Also, you can view the OMG standardized IDL for Notification at 
http://www.omg.org/docs/formal/04-10-12.txt.  You'll notice that the 
struct is named _EventType, which matches what's in TAO 1.4a.

Adam Mitz
Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

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