[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] possibilities to observe a running component application

Jonathan Walsh jwalsh at atl.lmco.com
Mon Jul 23 08:04:13 CDT 2007

William R. Otte wrote:
> Hi Friedhelm -
> On Jul 20, 2007, at 9:17 AM, Friedhelm Wolf wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> the people I am working with are very interested in using CIAO and DAnCE
>> in a large scale project.
>> One question came up recently: Are there any standard ways to monitor
>> running CIAO applications?
>> This might include a list of all components of a deployment, their
>> current
>> status and their interconnections as well as the nodes they are
>> running on.
>> Is there something available or planned in the DAnCE project or
>> related work?
>> If not, do you think it is worth to think further into this direction,
>> for it might have a lot of benefits for handling complex component based
>> applications.
> We did something similar to this in cooperation with LMCO ATL a year
> or two ago for a demo on a DARPA project.  ATC developed a "web input
> adapter" for RACE (Resource Allocation and Control Framework) that
> allows you to deploy, teardown, and view deployed applications - where
> they are deployed, what their connections are, (i believe) status of
> the nodes, and allows you to monitor performance related things - ie,
> whether or not they are meeting their end-to-end deadlines.
> This work could almost certainly be adapted for your use case - you
> should talk to Nishanth Shankaran (CCd above) who is the current lead
> on that project .  He is currently on an internship in India, so you
> may have a long turnaround on your emails :-)
> hth,
> /-Will

It seems longer than a year since I wrote this, but I'll try to remember
the basics of it (I don't think I have the code still, but I'll look
around a bit later).  The deployment, teardown, viewing of plans was
accomplished by a small c++ program that, if I remember correctly,
called functions on a Plan_Deployment object.  I recall the functions
having obvious names like deploy_plan(), teardown_plan(), and
get_deployed_plans().  The code for using each of these was very short,
less than 5 lines each.  Determining where apps were deployed and the
connections between them was done by some Python and Xalan parsing of
the deployment plans.  All of this was driven by a Python CGI program
(running on JAWS of course!).

The status of the nodes was determined by a separate C program.

-Jonathan Walsh
Associate Member Engineering Staff
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories

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