[ace-users] Innacurate timers in Linux after 5.5.6

Caleb Epstein caleb.epstein at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 10:10:38 CDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Johnny Willemsen <jwillemsen at remedy.nl> wrote:
> The configure script does check a lot of defines, but it really isn't
> complete. A large amount of work has to be done to improve that support, but
> that will need funding. Probably something gets detected wrong and then in
> ACE_OS::gethrtime() the wrong code is triggered.

I recently rebuilt ACE using the configure script and found that the
resulting config.h had (mistakenly) decided that ACE_OS::fast_memcpy
was faster than ::memcpy (it isn't, by a factor of about 3) and that
my system had no SysV named semaphore operations (it does).

It seems that configure is definitely to be used with some care and
the resulting config.h should be carefully checked.

Caleb Epstein

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