[ace-users] Innacurate timers in Linux after 5.5.6

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Jul 24 11:10:32 CDT 2007


> I've started providing experimental Debian packages using the 
> configure
> method. They seem to compile cleanly[1] on many arches, but I have not
> carefully checked the generated config.h.

Probably autoconf will generate a compiling config.h, most interesting are
the runtime results. It is hard to detect this automatically, the ACE tests
are written in such a way that they don't test certain features if the
related defines are not set. So, if autoconf lacks the define, the test just
is a noop. Probably the only way to find the differences is to compare the
generated config.h and the traditional one by hand and see if defines are


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