[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] callingPlan_LauncherleadstoExecution_Managercoredump

Friedhelm Wolf friedhelm.wolf at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 26 10:22:49 CDT 2007

Hi there,

I had a close look at my code and I recognized that I forgot to implement
the CLogger_exec_i::get_logger () method in my executor. This definitely
explains, where this reference is not available, when a message should
be dispatched to it. I have to confirm this yet, but recompiling the correct
code (my ACE/TAO/CIAO build without optimization options is still running
;-) ), but I guess that was it.

Thanks for all your help and keeping me digging deeper into the problem.


On 7/26/07, Friedhelm Wolf <friedhelm.wolf at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Gan,
> I forgot the file. Here it comes.
> Thanks,
> Friedhelm
> On 7/26/07, Friedhelm Wolf <friedhelm.wolf at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Gan,
> >
> > > Could you please make sure that you didn't use any wonrg/obsolete IORs
> > > generated by CIAO, since you mentioned it tries to connect to the wrong
> > > component? Before investigating this problem further, I would suggest
> > > delete all the IOR files generated by CIAO in the directory of your file
> > > system and try again.
> >
> > I did this already. The IORs are really created on application startup.
> > And as I wrote I have to correct myself, the IORs are acutally working fine.
> > The components are referenced and called correctly.
> > It's just, that the CLogger component seems to have some problems in the
> > method (WriteMessage) I mentioned above. I attached the whole generated file.
> >
> > What I will do next is, to compare this _svnt.cpp file to the one in
> > the Hello example,
> > maybe I find some differences, which explain this behavior.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Friedhelm
> >

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