[ace-users] ACE vs/with Intel TBB ?

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Mon Jul 30 02:47:00 CDT 2007


> > What is your idea about the Intel TBB? Do you have specific 
> ideas that you
> > want to see supported in ACE?
> Just after reading of TBB description, they underline that this is
> high-level framework, which

I installed TBB this morning on my system and will try to have a look. I
know it is also a framework to deliver threading related frameworks. 

> ** hides low level OS-threads instead offering to developer high-level
> concepts as Task. 
> ** They offer algorithms for parallel execution, e.g. Sort()
>     Cool?  I have not see such things in ACE.
>     I will be happy to get quick-sort which works on 8-32 CPUs :-)
> ** They offer containers with not single mutex but with lock per item.

A lot depends on what you want to accomplish. For probably most apps it is
not interesting to lock per item, but lock at a higher level, locks are
> ---------------
> I do not see problems why ACE cannot use the same ideas to 
> become better
> where it is possible. I think developers of ACE should be 
> self interested at
> least take a look on sources/design/docs of TBB.
> As I see ACE is more cross-platform that Intel's TBB.
> So unlikely we will switch from ACE to TBB in near time.

We are of course interested in learning of other projects, but the biggest
problem as always is time. We do welcome patches from the user community to
improve/extend ACE.


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