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Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jun 12 08:47:25 CDT 2007

Hi Folks,

   I gave a talk entitled "The World is Flat - and What You Can Do About
It" at the Vanderbilt Commencement last month (the slides are available
at http://www.dre.vanderbilt.edu/~schmidt/flat-world.ppt).  Here's the
abstract of the talk


The World is Flat - and What You Can Do About It

A tremendous leveling of the economic playing field has been unfolding
over the past two decades, driven largely by advances in information
technology and business processes.  Millions of Americans have their
taxes done in India, along with their questions answered by phone
every few minutes by outsourced call centers.  The bulk of the
manufactured goods we purchase at Wal-Mart and other low-cost
retailers now come from Asia.  Even Bill Gates recently said "Today, I
would rather be a genius born in China than an average guy born in

This globalization and competition from the global workforce is
happening whether we know it or like it, and is having a significant
impact on our purchasing habits, our career choices, and our safety
and quality of life.  This presentation will explain how the world
became flat and will explore various aspects strategies for coping
with the consequences.  


If you'd like to see the video or hear the audio of this presentation
please see


and click on the appropriate link in the

Video or audio podcastof Study Break on "The World is Flat"'




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