[tao-users] [ace-users] [installation] having problems building ACE/TAO for vxworks.

Martin Corino mcorino at remedy.nl
Tue Jun 12 13:40:27 CDT 2007


Both VxWorks 6.3 and 6.4 build without problems for PENTIUM and PPC32 targets 
in kernel and RTP mode.

As Thomas reports autoconf does not work.
You need to use classic GNU make setup as documented in ACE-Install.html. You 
can also inspect the setup of the various autobuilds on the integrated 
scoreboard (http://remedy.nl or 

Remedy IT provides the builds on the scoreboard as a service to sponsors and 
the ACE+TAO community.
We can also provide you support as part of our commercial services.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested to discuss this 

kind regards,
Martin Corino.

On Tuesday 12 June 2007 19:05, Thomas Lockhart wrote:
> > Could somebody please help  me with some more detailed
> > instructions on how to build ACE/TAO for VxWorks?
> You did not give any details on what exactly failed. If you have further
> questions please be sure to do so. But here are some suggestions:
> Do not bother with the autoconf-based build, since that does not work
> for cross-compiling.
> You did a native build first to get gperf and tao_idl, right?
> I had decent luck building for VxWorks-6.3 and TAO-1.5.8 using the
> classic from-source build technique. The results are not yet tested.
> In previous versions of TAO I was able to assign TAO_IDL and other
> variables in my platform_macros.GNU to get the cross-compilation to
> work, but for 1.5.8 I seemed to need to actually create the soft links
> in $ACE_ROOT/bin/ from the native build to the VxWorks directory.
> I sourced $WIND_BASE/windriver.bash before compiling. That got the
> compilers in my path and defined a bunch of environment variables. In
> previous versions of VxWorks I defined these variables for myself.
> I turned off RTP in platform_macros.GNU since that configuration seemed
> to want a few definitions that did not exist. I understand that RTP is
> the configuration that was used by Johnny Willemsen when freshening the
> VxWorks support recently.
> Much more of ACE and TAO build for VxWorks than did in the days of
> TAO-1.2.1.
> I patch ACE and TAO to get singletons to work with multiple loadable
> modules; the VxWorks loader does not respect weakly-defined objects and
> will create multiple instances of singletons if they are referenced
> across modules. The patches involve using RTTI to register singletons in
> a non-templated manager object.
> I've enclosed my platform_macros.GNU and config.h files; be sure to vet
> them for your environment.
> hth
>                            - Tom

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